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i miss you............  / Sindi Allen (mom)  Read >>
i miss you............  / Sindi Allen (mom)
matt , i love and miss you so much . i have no idea how to go on without you . you were always my reason for being or doing anything , now you are gone and i am lost are forever in my heart and soul .......... Close
Precious Matthew is Loved and Remembered  / CINDY JO Michellesmama   Read >>
Precious Matthew is Loved and Remembered  / CINDY JO Michellesmama
We prayed for Matthew for many months before he entered God's Kingdom. He is a beautiful boy and went through so much in his young life. My prayers are with you now as you grieve missing him so very much.
Please visit our daughter Michelle who went to Heaven in 1993 age 9. She was killed suddenly trying to board her school bus but yet the days that preceded this tragedy she was preparing us for her trip Home... you can read about her and the testimony she left us which in hindsight has soothed our aching hearts to this day.
We will be so happy when we are together again.
Michelle always told me she would be with me forever so we'd never have to say goodbye.
We memorized John 10:28-29 together days before she died and
it was to be an everlasting verse, the last she had signed in her Awana book 2 days before she went to Heaven.
Michelle was an organ and cornea donor.
Godspeed, Cindyjo Close
So sorry for your loss  / Christine   Read >>
So sorry for your loss  / Christine

I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious Matthew.  You have created a beautiful website in his memory and I pray you will one day find a little peace and comfort.  Please know you are not alone on this journey of grief.

With love,

Christine Close
Matt - loved by Many  / Nancy Whitley-Garner (Great Aunt )  Read >>
Matt - loved by Many  / Nancy Whitley-Garner (Great Aunt )
Dearest Matt,
  I did not have the opportunity to know you like so many others did.  There was a lot of distance between us.  I saw all the pictures that were made when you went to the Nascar Race in Florida.  Wow, you looked so cute in your race driver cap and jacket.  Then the pictures of Disney were precious.  We did come to see you, but bless your heart, you were in a "sound" sleep, and we could not/would not awaken you.  One thing we did for you, as many of our friends did, was to pray that God would not let you have a lot of pain.  We prayed for his watch care over you and all your family.  God is so good, and I know that you are now enjoying the benefits of knowing Jesus as Savior and Lord.  I miss you, miss hearing about you, but my heart is at peace, because I know you are now asleep in Jesus.
My heart will always hold a special place for you.   I love you,
Aunt Nancy. Close
Papa' Buddy.....every day  / Papa (papa)  Read >>
Papa' Buddy.....every day  / Papa (papa)
Matt, you have been my buddy since the
day you came into this world.  I have so
many precious memories of us. All the 
trips we taken you memaw and me in
the 5th wheel (you called turtle house)
How when we came to visit we paid you
to plug in and get you 
would get off the bus running to your
memaw....and me...I think. You were a
wonderful child and a brave man. Not manyj
could make the decisions that you
be free....remember we love you
Alove poem for Matt  / Unknow   Read >>
Alove poem for Matt  / Unknow
  This was sent to us through an email
      Thank  you......

Matthew was sweet
His face so kind and not many like him
would you find

He became ill
and fought the good fight
but now he is ready to take flight

God waited proudly
at heaven's gate
Said Matthew, when you're ready
but for you I shall wait

We will sure miss you
as you prepare to go
But Matthew, He's waiting
On you, this we know

So Heavenly Father
Please bless Matthew you see
As I know you will watch
O'er his family
In Memory of Matt  / Debi Fisher Fisher   Read >>
In Memory of Matt  / Debi Fisher Fisher
 This was sent to me upon Matt's passing
     Thank you Debi (Matt's memaw)
He heard Matthew 
Someone was calling to him
and he knew
this wasn't a whim

He was so tired
time to go home
So his heavenly spirit
could be free to roam

Silently he closed
those beautiful eyes
and we all knew
it was no big surprise

The family was ready
and yet not just yet
they wanted the suffering to stop
on this you could bet

But Matthew was ready
and peace overcame
as he heard the Lord
Calling his name

He went for the light
and there at heaven's gate
his aunt and his cousins
and uncle they did wait.

yet sadness is strong
But faith stronger yet
and so prayers are here
they're heaven sent

Stay oh strong
and know from above
God and your family watch o'er you with love
Always in my heart  / Daisy Fisher (Great Gramma )  Read >>
Always in my heart  / Daisy Fisher (Great Gramma )

 Matt you will always be my angel boy, you were the bravest boy that gramma has ever seen. I rember when you came to see me and uncle tim befor you went to the races and you would always get up in the morning with that angel smil;e on your face and i would ask you what you would like for breakfast and you would always say sasuage and uncle Tim would  go fix it for you . honey you left me with so many precious memories and you will always live on in my heart. I know you are an angel in heaven because you were one on this earth. Honey i know you were met in heaven by Jesus and God also , you were my first Great Grandchild and i love you  with all my heart . sleep with the angels my precious grandson. You will never be for gotten. I still have my angel on my computer table where you put it  and you told me that when i looked at that angel it would remind me of you but i told you i did not  need the angel because i thought of you all the time. Now you are with Grand pa . Aunt Brenda and aunt Cindy and we have a lot of angels watching over us . Rest in peace love you with all my heart Gramma fisher

to my nephew matt love u aunt dee  / Dee Allen (aunt)  Read >>
to my nephew matt love u aunt dee  / Dee Allen (aunt)
matt was a wonder he had a smile that lit up a room he was the happiest when he was playing a joke on u,he used to throw buggers at me ,well not really he'd say im throwing a bugg at u aunt dee n i'd say ooh gross matt n he'd just laugh i can still here him he had a great laugh. i told sindi god took matt to heaven cause matt had a perfect soul n god needed more of those in heaven. matt loved everybody,he had a smile on his face even through the worst of times. it did'nt matter he was in pain he still smiled at every one. he knew his god loved him n he was going to b with him. he worried about his mama,even at the end cause she was his best friend n he was hers. everybody should be so lucky to have a best friend who is also your child,or your mom. for those of you who have'nt called sindi in a while,shame on u what would matt say? she needs her friends now more than ever, cause her best one is gone. so call her talk about matt, even if u r uncomfortable with her tears. its to b expected. she lost her baby her best friend,i love you sindi n u know i loved matt he was special to me too. well i could go on allnight about matt he was the best child i ever saw he never got into trouble he did every thing he was told n did'nt complain, god i miss him. i know hes in heaven right now thinking of new jokes to play on the angels,.i love you matt sorry i never got to play tombraider with u love aunt dee Close
What a person!  / Tammie, Stephanie, &. Donnie Hinson (Family)  Read >>
What a person!  / Tammie, Stephanie, &. Donnie Hinson (Family)


     Donnie, Stephanie, and I miss your smile.  The thing that I remember about you the most is your smile.   As I remember, you did not talk  a lot around me when I came apart of the family.  I do know that you really enjoyed playing with your playstation, and your computer.  I know that you spent a great deal of time with your buddy Tommy (member of the famiy, or the pet).  I also remember you sitting at your mom's house flinging your snot to everyone who you came near to you.  You made your granny smile as well as everyone in the room.  I know that you are in a better place, right now.  You are missed, and you will always be remembered through all your loved ones.  One thing that I want to say before I end this memory.  We send you our love, and we know that you are not here in body, but your heart is with us in memory as we sit in a quiet spot with our eyes closed.  Remembering you!  You will be missed, but you will live on in our minds eye.  

Sincerely yours,

Tammie, Stephanie, & Donnie Hinson

Always Remembering You  / Penny Kemp (Friend)  Read >>
Always Remembering You  / Penny Kemp (Friend)

I Have known you fora long time and you were always a joy to be around. You will be missed but I know that God has made you an angel to watch over those that who are hurting now that you are here with us anymore but you will always be with us in our hearts. Close
Matthew's family  / Sue &. Bennie Fitts (none)  Read >>
Matthew's family  / Sue &. Bennie Fitts (none)
We didn't know all of you but we sure have thought and prayed for  you.  We know what it is like to lose a son.  May you find peace knowing that Matt is in a better place and we'll join all of them someday!!! Close
All my love forever  / Susan Lumpkin (memaw)  Read >>
All my love forever  / Susan Lumpkin (memaw)

My darling Matt,

You were my first grandson/child and
I love you with all my heart and soul.
I was there the day your beautiful
life and smile came into this world..
You have made me so proud of you
since day 1. Your presence in  this
world will be missed by all who knew
you and that most wonder smile of
yours. It was you who named me
and are the only grandchild
to call me mew. I love you and miss
you so very have left a void
as wide as the ocean in my heart. 
I love you Matt

good person  / Melissa Francis (Friend)  Read >>
good person  / Melissa Francis (Friend)

matt was a very good person who would do anything he could for you.  he was a very caring person.

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