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i miss you everyday  / Memaw   Read >>
i miss you everyday  / Memaw

   I thank my God for every rememberance
            of you......Philippians 1:3

mothers day  / Mom   Read >>
mothers day  / Mom
matt , i love and miss you so much . you taught me the true meaning of love and i will hold that in my heart forever . i cant wait to hold you again , i will be there as soon as my job on earth is done . keep us in your sight and help us along the the way always , mom Close
You will always have my heart  / Memaw (memaw)  Read >>
You will always have my heart  / Memaw (memaw)
Thinking of you everyday
No matter where you are
In the distant universe.....or
behind a shining star....
     Memories of you make me smile
       what we shared and the way we cared.

You were so precious from the start. How gracious of your mom to share so much of you
with me. From the beginning she held you so 
close and so lovingly. As you got weaker her
love was so tender and she held you as the same
child she held as an infant. What love to have
witnessed and know that this was my daughter
and my grandson. Thank you Cyndi, my daughter and God for the time I had with Matt.

I love you Matt and I love you my baby girl
matt boy  / Dad   Read >>
matt boy  / Dad
hello son whats up its me.. you cant see me ....big daddy john, we all miss you very much i still love you and you know this to...  come see me later ok i will be here for you at any time,.so i will go for now ,when you get the feeling to come around, come see us ok ...... I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU bye.............. Close
to matt  / Lil Sis Amylee   Read >>
to matt  / Lil Sis Amylee
happy easter matt i love you so much . matt did you know that i lost the earrings on accident but i know you forgive me . i have the necklace .matt i love you so much . i hope you had a good easter today . i bet i know what tommy got for easter today , a bone. i bet i know what you got for easter too , a special angel treat. Close
a poem for my brother  / Lil Sis Amylee   Read >>
a poem for my brother  / Lil Sis Amylee
to matt , roses are red violets are blue , matt how cool are you ...roses are red violets are blue , matt you are the best brotherin the world to me.....roses are red violets are blue , matt i was lucky to have you.....roses are red violets are blue , matt we will always love you... roses are red violets are blue , matt i will always have memories of amylee Close
a poem called after glow  / From Matt To All Who Loved Me   Read >>
a poem called after glow  / From Matt To All Who Loved Me
i`d like the memory of me to be a happy one ....i`d like to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done ,,,,i`d like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways, of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days........i`d like the tears of those who grieve , to dry before the sun , of happy memories that i leave when life is done......... Close
a poem written for matt by a very kind soul  / Matts Mom   Read >>
a poem written for matt by a very kind soul  / Matts Mom
matthew was sweet  , his face so kind and not many like him would you find.......he became ill and fought the good fight , but now he is ready for angels wings , to take flight........god waited proudly at heavens gate , said matthew, when your ready but for you i shall wait .......we will sure miss you as you prepare to go , but matthwe hes waiting on you , this we heavenly father please bless matthew you see as i know you will watch over his family........ Close
i miss you  / Mom   Read >>
i miss you  / Mom
matt , my love , i miss you so much . my heart aches and continues to brake with every breath i take . i constantly look to you for help and advice and for the love that i will never have again . what we had was not only mom and son , but you were my best friend and i dont know how to go on without you here . i am trying , because thats what you would want , but i miss you so much . i long to hold you in my arms and here you call out to me . just to here you say mom again , you have always been my reason for doing anything . you gave me strength and courage to face whatever may come and now i need your strength and courage to continue to face what may come .i need you in whatever way you can be with me.........i will love you forever ...........i am sending you kisses and hugs Close
hi matt i missing you  / Dixie Spires (friend)  Read >>
hi matt i missing you  / Dixie Spires (friend)
hi matt  i missing  you   and to  see  you  in  heaven  went   it  time . Close
Forever in our Hearts  / Julie Stevenson (New friend of Mum's )  Read >>
Forever in our Hearts  / Julie Stevenson (New friend of Mum's )
Matt, it is five long months today since you had to leave your wonderful family.  I feel for you and for them so much.  I have got to know your lovely mum and grandmother via Email over the last few months as we join together in our grief over losing our precious sons to brain stem glioma.  I pray that you and my darling Ben have found each other in Heaven and are able to comfort each other.  You are obviously a beautiful, very much loved soul Matt and I pray for you and your family every day.  God bless.  Julie (Ben Deeley's mum) x Close
Matthew Doucette 10/30/88 10/10/06  / Poem For Mom   Read >>
Matthew Doucette 10/30/88 10/10/06  / Poem For Mom
Last night while I was trying to sleep
my sons voice I did hear.  I opened my
eyes and looked around, but he did not
He said ,"Mom you've got to listen, you've
got to understand, God didn't take me from
you, Mom, he only took my hand.
When I called out in pain that day, the instant that I died, he reached down and 
took my hand. and pulled me to his side.
He pullled mye up and saved me, from the
misery and body was never going to
be the same.
My search is over now, I've found happiness
within: All the answers to empty dreams, and
all that might have been.
I love you all and miss you so, and I'll always
be nearby. My body's gone forever, but my
spirit will never die:
And so, you must all go on now, Live one day
at a time, Just understand:    God didn't take me from you, he only took my hand
Missed and loved every day  / Memaw (memaw)  Read >>
Missed and loved every day  / Memaw (memaw)

Memaw and papa miss you so very much. Your death has left us
so empty in so many ways. I no longer have my shopping partner...
no one loved Hobby Lobby as much and you and I. Everytime we
are in the RV we remember all the places we have taken you....just
us 3 muskateers.....with our  turtle house as you used to call it. 
When I saw you Dec 31, 2005 little did I realize that was the last
time I would ever have you run into my arms hollering "memaw,
my memaw"....I will always be your memaw...that is what you have
always called me.  I just want to see you roll your eyes at me with
that twinkle in them.....Or just puch my hair opposite...Papa wants
you to order bacon and sausage. You, my precious Matt are a living
legacy...people will always remember the smile, you kind ways and
your honesty. You lived your legacy in life....your love and your
belief in your God....Tell Aunt Cindy hello & Brenda and Daddy.
I love you....If tears could build stairs we'd walk up there and
bring you home again.

Cure Childhood Cancer.....
I miss you Matt!  / Lindsay Braswell (Friend)  Read >>
I miss you Matt!  / Lindsay Braswell (Friend)
Im so sorry for your loss of Matt.
He was a friend of mine from west laureens he would come and talk to every day he ahd some joke or story to make me laugh and evrytime he saw me he would say "Hey Lindsay" if I didn't say hey first.He was such a blessing to be around but ya'll would know because ya'll were around him more than i was.I also enjoyed Matt cheering me up when i was sad he knew the right thing to say to put a smile on my face.One day i was really upset he said lindsay whats the matter I forgot that Matt hated it when I said nothing matt I don't want to talk about it so he begged it out of me so I told he said lindsay it will be alright you know what Lindsay I said what Matt he said "Never frown because you never know who might be in love with your smile!" I never forgot that moment in Mrs. Beale's Class when Matt told me that.I miss him so much.He was just the greatest friend anyone could have and I'm glad to say he was mine! Close
I love and miss you so much  / Valerie Allen (aunt)  Read >>
I love and miss you so much  / Valerie Allen (aunt)
Matt i will always love you.You meant so much to me.I was looking through some of your pictures that i have.You always had a smile on your face.I know their was times that you didn't want to smile,but you never let that show.You and your mom had something that very rare these days.You and your mom was each others best friends.Everybody could see that.I wish that my kids had a chance to see you one more time.You and Jennifer seemed very close just about all the time.I remember when the kids and i lived in the same trailar park with ya'll.I would have to go and get you or either go to where you were at to get you to help Jennifer with some of her homework.I loved going to your house to bring you your birthday presents or your christmas presents.You loved playing your games.It seemed like just about everytime i would come over you would be in your room playing your games.You growed up to be a very handsome young man that had a smile that could light up the room.I look at your pictures sometimes and i start to missing you.Then one very important thing comes to my mind.You was one of god's many angels.He would seen angels down to help make life a little brighter for everyone that he would met.Matt was a very special angel.God let us have Matt until he needed him back.He's up in heaven now with the other angels.He's in no more pain and watching everybody from above.Everytime the race is on i can picture Matt looking down from heaven saying that,Jeff Gorden is the man because Matt said so.At christmas time i went and bought a little stuff bear with Jeff Gordon's name on one side and his number 24 on the other side.I hung it on my tree,it made me feel like he was nearby.We looked at it on Christmas Day and said Merry Christmas to Matt.Matt i'm glad that your family put your memorial on the web site.I love looking at your pictures they bring a smile to my face when i see you with your family.I love and miss you so very,very much.I will always love you and miss you.Your Aunt Valerie Close
Lasting Impressions  / Ellen Brown (Former SLP )  Read >>
Lasting Impressions  / Ellen Brown (Former SLP )
I had the pleasure of working with Matt for about a 6 month period when he was in either the 3rd or 4th grade at NWLE.  I remember that he had one of those personalities that left a lasting impression.  This website was sent to me this morning and I was honored to let everyone know that Matt had touched my life as well.  I'll always remember him. Close
Strength / Aurelia Tippett (teacher)  Read >>
Strength / Aurelia Tippett (teacher)
Matt was exceptional in his courage and quiet faith.  It was an honor to know him and to have him in my class if only for a brief time before the class was moved to Mr. L. Waldrep.   He was also in my husband's welding classes.  Despite his problems, Matt never once complained!  He was an inspiration to all who came in contact with him.  My family and I are sorry for your loss and pray that God will comfort and strengthen you. Close
Tribute to Matt's life.  / Joany Slaughter (Teacher-7th Grade )  Read >>
Tribute to Matt's life.  / Joany Slaughter (Teacher-7th Grade )
  My heart breaks for Matt's family.  I know that you have a empty feeling and it cannot be filled.  Matt was an inspiration to everyone.  He gave it everyything he had to do his work in school and to get along with everyone.  I am sure he is now with Jesus and they are having a grand ole time.   He endured much and accomplished much.  I thank God for angels like Matt, who through all the adversity, still saw the good in everyone.  God Bless Matt's family and friends.  He will be missed by all.  Close
Good bye until another day,  / Lisa Dean (former teacher )  Read >>
Good bye until another day,  / Lisa Dean (former teacher )
My memories of Matt are of a sweet, kind hearted, determined young man.  Even faced with daily challenges, he always had a kind word for others.  He was brave and strong although each day was painful.   He never acted out or used his illness to receive special treatment.  He is one of those students I will never forget.  May God continue to hold your family in his arms of peace as I know he held Matt.   Sincerely, Lisa Dean WLMS, WLHS Close
Matt....i miss you  / Tabitha Evans (Best Friend )  Read >>
Matt....i miss you  / Tabitha Evans (Best Friend )
Matt..i wish i would have been able to say goodbye...i just found out today..i didnt even know you had passed.....i regret many things that i wish i had of done with you...i am glad that you were able to come with me to CHuckie Cheeses that time...u were an awesome friend......i alos remember when i did the womanles beauty pageant with you...we had so much fun......i wish .......i dk anymore....i miss you so much...when i found out that u had died i immediatly came here and started typing this...i was crying so much that i couldnt even see the keys.....i loved you matt!!! U were awesome....i would have never traded you for the world!! i miss you!!! Close
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