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As long as I breathe I will always love you  / Memaw   Read >>
As long as I breathe I will always love you  / Memaw
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you . you
were truly a wonderful were strong and brave thru-out your cancer, you
always kept your humor - booger
let us all know the love you had for God, your family and friends. I would love to shout to
the world how wonderful you truly were.
Your step brother Jeff has lymphoma and
it is inoperable. Stay by his side, give his
mom strength as she goes thru this. I love
and miss you Matt. We will always thank God for every minute we had with you and the love your gave truly were a kind and
gentle soul. Butterfly kisses to you. 
I love you Matt  / Matt's Memaw   Read >>
I love you Matt  / Matt's Memaw
I love love you and miss you so very much. Watched the races 
yesterday and #24 stayed #1 till Lap 2 and lost to Tony Stewart.
Imiss you Matt and one day we will all be together and what a
glorious day that will be. Close
I had a dream and you were in it and it was so real last night !!  / Patricia Walls Odom (NANA PAT )  Read >>
I had a dream and you were in it and it was so real last night !!  / Patricia Walls Odom (NANA PAT )
This dream was so real and God want me to help look out for your mom. Don't ask me why, and that kind of hard to do, because I don't get to see her any more. I love your mom and your uncle Randy and grandma Susan and Gene and even Amy. I wish I could change back time but I can't. But as long as I live. I will always keep her in my Prayers I promise, by the way thanks for coming to see me last night. I had a great visit with you. I love you so much. tell GOD thanks for the Blessing he has given me. I will praise his Holy Name.Amen Close
TO MY ANGEL IN HEAVEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  / Patricia Walls Odom (NANA PAT )  Read >>
TO MY ANGEL IN HEAVEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  / Patricia Walls Odom (NANA PAT )
Hi my Angel,  I just wanted you to know how much you are missed down here. we all love you so much. Please give GOD a great big Hugg for US..  and tell him that WE  Love him too!!  You know your MOM loves you a whole lot and she misses you so so so much and I know your Grandmother Susan misses you and I know she loves you alot too....There always in my PRAYERS EVERYDAY...I miss them too , can you let them know that for me,  I still love them and I miss them so much.  thanks so much love,  NANA PAT Close
Missing you..  / Memaw   Read >>
Missing you..  / Memaw
 I am so sad with your presence not here. This time last yr we
were in bought me a disney picture frame...
You were such a brave soul, kind and generous. loved your God
and  your family. Your smile could light up the world. How much
we miss that.  Julie and her family will be coming to the Memorial
Service in Charlotte, NC in December. You and Ben will get to see
the families altogether.   I know that God, you and Ben brought  the
families is the working in mysterious ways. I praise
God from the minuted you came into papa and my hearts. We saw 
you struggle to breathe and then to stop breathing. In your short
love you accomplished more that most people do their whole life.
As your mom says " you are missed; every second; of every day"  
You have left your foot prints all over my heart. Close
loving my son  / Mom   Read >>
loving my son  / Mom
the hardest thing in life we bare , is to want your son when hes not there.   with broken heart , i whisper low , i miss you son and love you so .   as long as i live , i will be glad , that you were my son ,and i was your mom. Close
Missing you  / Your Memaw   Read >>
Missing you  / Your Memaw
So far today Jeff Gordon  is in the #1 place....we sure do keep up with
him and his racing record.  Today is July 1, this time last year plans were
being made for Disney World and all the fun that we were going to have.
Baby, memaw and papa miss you so very much.  We were there the morning
your beautiful face entered this world and have been with you just about
every day since.  You graced us with smile, your funnies with us...and always
wanting Taco Bell and Burger King. You made us so very proud of you. You lived
by your standards, with love, respect and caring. Every one saw that in you.
    Uh oh   Jeff is #3.....  honey you made us proud of you....we feel blessed that
God made us your grandparents.  Buger is at the end of my bed and your
Make A Wish pillow is on my bed....I sewed your Cinder kiss picture on it.
I talk to your picture ...I love you baby cakes....Mom and Dad are coming over
after the race is over with......hmmmmm reakon moma bear is wanting some
steamed oysters and shrimp?   Love you my Matt the Bratt....
Missing you my sweet grandson  / Memaw   Read >>
Missing you my sweet grandson  / Memaw
I miss you so much my baby. There is such a void in our lives
with you gone.  I wish our tears could build a stairway so we
could walk up to heaven and bring  you home again. Papa and
I talk about you all the time....especially when you called us "Old
farts"... even sending us text messages saying the same thing.
I even miss you messing up my hair....or thinking you could pick me
up.  Like a butterfly in flight,
       your have graced our lives
       Like the fawn leaves its footprints on the fallen snow
       You have left your footprints all over our hearts

Soon you and beno will be seeing your two mothers, one from
the UK and one from USA....brought together by two boys with
strong spirits that knew their moms needed each other. No one
but them can know what it was to go through what they did.
You were an angel on earth...your mom said it all about you in just
one real good sentence....
Your smile lit up the world and your eyes showed what a strong and
gentle soul you were
loving you  / Mom   Read >>
loving you  / Mom
i will always hold you in my heart . i love and miss you so much and will do so forever .... fly sweet angel .......... Close
whose Life was inspiration to all who knew him  / Tribute To Matt   Read >>
whose Life was inspiration to all who knew him  / Tribute To Matt
 He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and
loved much. Who has gained the respect of intelligent men and
the love of many children. Who filled his niche, accomplished his
task. Who has left the world better than he found it. for one who
has never lacked appreciation of Earth's beauty. 
Who has always looked for the best in others and given the 
best he had.....whose life was an inspiration to others and his life 
a bendiction. Rest in peace by beloved were born
an angel....and you floated to heaven in God's arms. We can never
express the loss we feel for you, the very void that is in our lives
now.  I prayed for you to let me know your were around me, that
I just needed foot was touched and I know that
it was you letting me know you were near me. God has blessed
me and papa for being your g/parents, who proud we always 
were of you, saying your prayers, reading your bible, you were
an inspiration.  Memaw loves you....her Matt the Brat....but I did
not do was your mom. Close
I'm Glad I have You to Talk too love ya so much love NANA PAT !!!  / Patricia W. Odom (NANA PAT )  Read >>
I'm Glad I have You to Talk too love ya so much love NANA PAT !!!  / Patricia W. Odom (NANA PAT )
Just sitting here thinking of all the good times we share, I miss you so much sweeties,  I would have gave anything to be there with you, you know that I would have. GOD know my Heart and so do you . NOW  that your in Heaven with Him , he'll  feel you in on how much I loved you and how much I miss you, Because he knows everything about us all. he loves us so so so MUCH !!! NANA PAT Close
missing my grandson  / Memaw LumpkinSlra   Read >>
missing my grandson  / Memaw LumpkinSlra
I miss you so much Matt. I remember this time last year when
you were unable to finish your gifts that you had bought your dad and papa for father's day and you had me complete them. All your
focus was on Mother's day. Baby, memaw misses you so very much.
My heart breaks because you are not with us in person. We have
lost so much in this family, my sisters, my dad and you. I believe
you were born an came into so many lives and changed
people for the better. you were strong, brave and so very true to
your virtues and your God.  I know that it is said we are all on loan
from God, that he knows when we will be born and he even knows
the number of hairs of our head.  You had such a pure heart and on me and mess up my hair anytime you want.
Somedays it is so hard for your memaw....this is one of them. I just
want to scream that it is not fair.  It is a real shame that our government has gone to pot and do not realize that cancer is the
number one killer of children....they must not have gone through
this or they would channel money different.  My thought is that how lucky we all are that you came into our and Ben...
Family / Julie Stevenson (Ben's Mum )  Read >>
Family / Julie Stevenson (Ben's Mum )
Hey Matt, beautiful angel, it's Julie here, in li'l ol' England!

I hope you and Ben are loving all the communication going back and forth between me and your mom and memaw.  Isn't it great!  I know it is you and Ben that have done this for us and I am so grateful, honey.  God bless you sweet Matt, be happy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Send your mom lots of angel hugs and kisses and visit her soon.

Love you all

Julie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Close
love you  / Mom   Read >>
love you  / Mom
hey my love , i am thinking of you so much and even dreamed of you . in my dream i made you well , i only wish i could have in life . i do know you are now healthy  and happy . i only wish i could have made that happen here on earth . fathers day is sunday and i got your dad what you wanted me to , i know he will love it  . dad is not really looking forward to fathers day without you , just as i wasnt looking forward to mothers day without you . but we will do our best and of course will be thinking of you all day . i have been talking alot to julie and they are coming to the usa for the memorial service in charlotte nc . i know you and ben will be there with us .your memaw has been teasing julie about all these crazy foods she intends on serving her , i only hope she doesnt get to freaked out , haha. . its all in good fun , and i know julie doesnt mind , though maybe concerned ,haha. i imagine you and ben laughing at us and congratulating each other on bringing us together . i can only imagine the tales you tell each other . i also imagine the tales me and julie will tell . meeting julie is the best thing you could have ever done for me and i know you planned it that way . you chose her for a reason and i am thankful , i actually smile when i think of finally meeting her . of all the people i have met that have lost their kids , she is the one i completely feel connected to . thank you matt , i can never repay for all you have givin me and all you will continue to give me . i love you more than anything , i miss you my sweet angel matt . visit me mom Close
YOUR IN MY HEART ALWAYS !!!  / Patricia Odom (A Very Good Friend that loves him Dearly !! )  Read >>
YOUR IN MY HEART ALWAYS !!!  / Patricia Odom (A Very Good Friend that loves him Dearly !! )
Hi, Matt,  Just thinking of you today , I,m really missing you,  so I thought I would write and tell you how much you are loved and missed. you had  my Heart you know and  I'll never forget how much you loved me or how much I loved you either. you were so very specail to me and many others I hope to see you soon in HEAVEN hey,  by the way tell  Jesus I miss him too. love NANA PAT Close
missing you  / Mom (mom)  Read >>
missing you  / Mom (mom)
baby , i miss you so much and wish i could hear your voice saying momma , or see your sweet smile . how do i go on without you , i feel so alone ........i miss you  , i love you , why were you taken , why are you gone .........i need you my sweet baby ...................... Close
Do you Belieive in Angels because I do !!  / Patricia Walls Odom (A very good friend !!!! )  Read >>
Do you Belieive in Angels because I do !!  / Patricia Walls Odom (A very good friend !!!! )

Do you believe in Angels ? I know I surely do.  the day I got my angel Is the day God sent me to you. I always feel your presence, As I,m going through my day, And during hard times and struggles, I can feel you as I pray each night and that reminds me how lucky I was to have had you in my life, your always right there next to me and sometimes when I need my angel,  I always think of you and you put a smile on my face again once more, that how you make my day everytime, you ment alot to me and you knew how I felt about you, you knew that I loved you so much and I still do and I always will, you were part of my Heart also, All I have to do islook deep inside my heart for you my Angel your always there and never shall we part.......Love Ya Matt

a poem  / Valerie Allen (aunt)  Read >>
a poem  / Valerie Allen (aunt)
                             For One Who Has Loved And Lost
Your heart is numb with pain and grief:
                         Just now it seems beyond belief
                         That this dear one is gone to stay,
                         That he has really passed away,
                         That you will see his face no more 
                         Upon this cold and earthly shore.
                         Take heart for when this life is over
                         You'll meet your loved one on that shore
                         Where God has wiped away all tears,
                         And you shall feel no more pain nor fears. Close
miss you and just wanted to say hi!!!  / Jannifer Clark (friend)  Read >>
miss you and just wanted to say hi!!!  / Jannifer Clark (friend)
hey matt i just wanted to say hey and miss you. the first time i seen you. you was so polite and had very good manners. and we (jan&tj) did not know how to take to that. you are a very good kid. i did not know you that long but what little time i did know you. you showed that you had a lot of courage and did not complain one time with the pain that you was going through. you may have been a boy but for going through all that and not complaining one time that makes you a very handsom kind man. we miss you and will help take care of your mom,dad,and sis. love you matt c-ya sometime. jan. Close
I Died a Death  / Elizabeth Santos   Read >>
I Died a Death  / Elizabeth Santos
I died a death, but stayed alive
In phantom's likeness I survive
Alive, yet dead, I walk alone
In rooms with walls as cold as stone

I lived a life and dreamed a dream
And loved the the life you lived with me
Then in the whisper of a breath
You left, and then I died a death

Though dead, I live. I cannot part
From the love that lives within my heart
Within my sorrow I must strive
To keep my hope and faith alive

For all the love that I would give
I surely would prefer to live
To be content, not to survive
But feel my spirit come alive

You slowly took your final breath
"Twas me, my dear, who died a death Close
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