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Time Marches On  / Memaw   Read >>
Time Marches On  / Memaw

My darling grandson,

I miss you so very much...not a day goes by that papa and I remember something you said....We thought about the time you played with the canned goods and took the wraps off the it was always a surprize when we opened them.

I always think of how you love the "red house" and in the hospital you said that you wished we were still at the red house.

But as the song goes "Time Marches on"....I wish I were at the red house with you....I'd even watch Barney....

You have touched so many lives in so many ways...your smile, your kindess and your bravery.  You became a man before our eyes and made man decisions about your own health.

Papa and I have always been so very proud of you.  We love and miss you from the bottom of our hearts....

Odd that your mom got pregnant with you at 17 and you passed away when you were 17.

Butterfly kisses to you....always and forever

Love goes on forever  / Your Memaw (memaw)  Read >>
Love goes on forever  / Your Memaw (memaw)

I sure do miss my Matt the were a shining presence in my life. I saw you take your were so gorgeous. Papa and I talk about how God graced us by putting you in our lives.

I am just glad that you are no longer suffering...that you can talk and walk and eat....something cancer had taken from you.

You will always be touched so many lives..just with your attitude and kind soul.  Dixie misses you and calls you her only love in her life. She said that she wised that you two had gotten married or she should have come to Cartersville and been with you.

Miranda misses you so much. For cousins who fought in the beginning you two got over it. 

Love you Angel Baby

All my love  xxxxooooo

God's greatess Blessing is you!  / NANA PAT   Read >>
God's greatess Blessing is you!  / NANA PAT

Hi Sweetie, I know your okay up there with God ,I don't douth that one bit. and I know that U have a very big place in God's Heart. he loves U so much and so do I. U have been a blessing to all of Us down here. U are truly god's greatess blessing there in Heaven. NaNa Pat Loves U and  I miss U so much. Lot's of huggs and kisses sweetie. Give God a big hugg for me again today, and tell him that I truly Belive with all my Heart and soul. bye sweetie for now. Love NaNa PAT

Special Valentine Message  / Julie Mum To Angel (Ben Deeley )  Read >>
Special Valentine Message  / Julie Mum To Angel (Ben Deeley )

Hello sweet Matt

Just wanted to send you loads of love, hugs and kisses on Valentine's Day.

I know you always sent your mum a Valentine card and she will be missing receiving that card so much.  Send her lots of Angel kisses, and to your Memaw, Gene, Amy and John.  They all love and miss you so much honey.

I pray you and Ben are having a great time in Heaven.  Be happy sweet Matt, be free, be at peace.

God bless and love always, Julie x

I still miss you so very very much.  / Valerie Allen (aunt)  Read >>
I still miss you so very very much.  / Valerie Allen (aunt)
You are still in my heart each and every day that goes by.It's sad that you are not here with us,but yet i'm happy that you are in HEAVEN.Atleast you won't have to hurt no more.I had Bob's oldest granddaughter last weekend,she's 16 years old.I thought about you when she was here.I believe if you too had met,ya'll could have been really good friends.I'm glad that i got to spend that weekend with you.I still have the picture of me and you sitting on the couch with your little dog sitting with us.That picture means so much to me.I still miss you and your smiling face and your good sense of humor.I love you so so so very much.You are always in my heart. Close
Memaw's Angel  / Memaw   Read >>
Memaw's Angel  / Memaw
  Sweet Matt:    You were our Angel on earth; on loan from God.

We hated to see you suffer and so hard to let you go. You fought
the good fight and baby you won.  Your body was worn out and it was time for you to go. I know Aunt Cindy was there to take you to God....I love you

Your papa and I were always so very proud of you. Your smile melted our hearts...and nothing better than your hugs.

You are missed greatly on this earth.  I love and miss you so much.
To my wonderful Grandson  / Memaw   Read >>
To my wonderful Grandson  / Memaw
Hello my sweet angel. Baby we spent Christmas with Bubby this year. It was the first time in a long time. We went to the beach at Mississippi and thought of you - as we always do. The recovery is doing somewhat better and they will be building Buccaneer State Park back. It should be operational in Jan 2008.  To day is bad...I miss you so very much...wish with all my heart I could just hold you one more time and tell you how very much I love you and how proud your papa and I have always been of you. you brought such happiness to us. That wonderful smile of yours, loved Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby visits, our I miss you.
I thank God for the time he placed you on this earth.  All our love and Kissess xxxxxooooooo
miss you  / Mom   Read >>
miss you  / Mom
hey my love , i miss you so much , i cant wait to see and hold you again . i guess you know we have a new home , trying to get our lives back together , its so hard without you . i know that you visit when you can , its hard work being an angel and having to look after so many people , but i treasure feeling your presence . you are loved and missed every second of everyday..... Close
matt / Tommy Hayden   Read >>
matt / Tommy Hayden
i`ve only seen matt a few times and did not really know him all that well , but from hearing everyone speak of him i know that matt was a great person . he had a big strong heart and a wonderful soul. he had great courage and loved everyone . he never met a stranger and when he did they would not be for long . i believe he helped many people during his time here on earth and that is what he was here for . i wish i had known him better ..... Close
Memaws Angel  / Memaw   Read >>
Memaws Angel  / Memaw
We had such a wonderful time in Charlotte with Ben's
family. His younger brother Ashley is so funny. We know that you and Ben were there, sharing all of this wonderful time with us. Honey, you are so missed everyday....It seem's that the family is still not the same. You were such a huge and wonderful part of Papa and my life.  Wish we were on our way to another long trip just the three vagabonds.
I love you my sweet Angel
thanks baby  / Mom   Read >>
thanks baby  / Mom
hey my love , we had such a good time with bens family . of course you already know because you and ben were there with us . i cant ever thank you enough for all you have givin to me , you gave me the most wonderful 17 years anyone could ever ask for here on earth , but you still continue to give me wonderful things and bens family is at the top of the list . i will love and miss you forever ....... Close
Do you see me Crying?  / Memaw   Read >>
Do you see me Crying?  / Memaw

Sitting here remembering, the smile upon your face and how it made the world light were full of heavenly grace. No longer can I see your face for you are with God above. But your loving smile will always be tucked in my heart with love.Only pictures now remain of you: special times that meant so much. if you see me crying, It's because I can't feel your touch. or hear your voice.

I love you so much my dear sweet angel...I am so grateful you are no longer in pain, you can eat, you can run, you can talk....your life is free from misery and pain. Though you have left us with heavy voids in our hearts we know that you are in a much better place, and as we look upon the stars and night and see the one so bright you are looking down and tell us you are watching are with us when we feel the wind across our face and the warmth of the have left us with memories to behold and tuck into our hearts danced upon our hearts...your are loved and missed every second of every day as your mom would say. She was right when she said your eyes showed right to your soul. What a magnificent person you were. The love you gave to all. This world now has a void with you gone. I love you so much my dear grandson....Till our hearts and soul meet once again...xxxxoooooo

happy 19th bday  / Lil Sis Amylee   Read >>
happy 19th bday  / Lil Sis Amylee

dear:matt i love you so much and i so wish to see you right now matt. also i hope you can still play and talk to me even though you are not hear no more but you can still play with me and talk to me but dont be worried cause i will see you soon and hugs and kisses best brother ever bye see you soon later best brother ever in the whole world BYE................................................................................................

happy 19th birthday  / Mom   Read >>
happy 19th birthday  / Mom
hey my love , i cant believe that you would be 19 today , if you were still here . i am sure in heaven you are going to be 17 forever and of course to me you will always be my baby . i miss you so much and cant hardly wait for the day to hold you again . we released balloons today for your birthday , i know you got them , i watched till they were in your hands . i have had dreams of you lately and i think that is your way of coming to me , and baby i love those dreams . i will forever hold you in my heart and long for the day to hold you in my arms again . you will always be loved and missed every second of everyday......i love you ...... Close
Happy Birthday to an Angel of one year  / Memaw   Read >>
Happy Birthday to an Angel of one year  / Memaw

Happy Birthday would be 19 on earth...always 17 in heaven. I know you are healed...I love you very much stole my heart the day you were born and you still have it. I miss you so much...just wish I had my WalMart and Hobby Lobby partner. Miss you and love you so very much.

God sent me a Angel and that was you Sweetheart !!!!  / PAT Odom (NANA)  Read >>
God sent me a Angel and that was you Sweetheart !!!!  / PAT Odom (NANA)
You know your always on my mind, I miss you so much and your Family. I just wish things were like they were . but there not and I wish that I could change some things . I really do. but I can't. your family will always be in my Prayers . and maybe one day, we all will be together up in Heaven with you. wouldn't that be nice I just can't wait to see you there. Give God a message for me tell him that I am trying so hard to be, who he wants me to be.and that I send my huggs and lots of love to everyone there. you will always be my heart I love you sweetie. love NANA PAT Close
missing you forever...  / Mom   Read >>
missing you forever...  / Mom
hi baby , i cant believe its been a year , this day last year we were having your memorial service . i cry all the time still and i guess i always will , as much as i am happy that your suffering has ended is as much pain as i am in for not having you here. i will try to go on and live my life the way you would want . though nothing will ever be the same without you . i miss you so much and love you so much.........come see me anytime ..........loving and missing you every second of everyday Close
Love you my angel Boy  / Daisy Fisher (Great gramma )  Read >>
Love you my angel Boy  / Daisy Fisher (Great gramma )
Matt  Our lives changed the day we found out that you had passed away.You touched our lives so deeply to a point you will never know . God has you in his keeping and we have you in our hearts, you are an angel from up above. You will always be missed but more importantly loved.I know now that you are peacfully at rest . I guess people are right when they say God only takes the best.,and Matt i know that you were heaven sent . God has left us with an eternal ache in our hearts when he sent Angels to you and said "come my child it is your time to part "although you are gone we will always rember your Angel smile. how brave you were and always thought of others  first.You will always live on in our hearts and those precious memories you left behind.Rest  in peace my angel. I know you are with your grandpa , aunt Brenda  and Cindy and i know you are having a ball  walking and talking to them all. I bet  you have walked in the garden with Jesus and sat on God"s lap. Love you my angel a bushel a peck and a hug around the neck. We sure do have a lot of angel's watching over us. Sleep with the angel's . We will see you all one day when the Lord call's us home. Gramma Fisher Close
12 months an Angel in Heaven  / Julie Angel Ben's Mum (Family Friend )  Read >>
12 months an Angel in Heaven  / Julie Angel Ben's Mum (Family Friend )
Hello Matt,

Today is the first anniversary of your amazing journey to Heaven.  Your family miss you so much, sweet Matt.  They are having problems with their computer at the moment, otherwise your site would be flooded with words of love from them.  I know you will be aware of this from where you are, and also I know you will feel their love always.  They may not be able to put it into words on the internet at this time but the love they feel for you is so amazing, so precious.  You truly are a wonderful person Matt and I am so grateful that I have had a reason to find you and your family.  

By now you will be coming to terms with being an Angel and I pray with all my heart that you are happy and at peace.  Your family suffer always Matt with the pain of missing your lovely presence within their loving embrace but I also know that they are happy you are no longer suffering.  God needed you and Ben, you are both so very precious.  Keep watch over those who love you both, and one day we will be reunited.  Love always xxx  Close
Hello Matt  / Julie Mum To Angel Ben (Friend)  Read >>
Hello Matt  / Julie Mum To Angel Ben (Friend)
Hello Matt, had an urge to write to you today.  It is 8 months today since my precious Ben became an Angel and I so know how your lovely mom was feeling when you had been an Angel for 8 months too.  Our love for our beautiful sons never diminshes, we think of you constantly and are with you always.  You and Ben are loved very much Matt, and you will both always be special, always be unique and will always be remembered.  God bless.  Julie x Close
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