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matthew scott doucette was born on sunday oct 30 1988 at 8:58 am at st. francis hospital in wichita kansas by an emergency c-sec.

dec 31, 2005

about 2 weeks prior to new years  , matt came home from school complaining about his arm being weak . i honestly didnt think much about it , i figure he strained it or something . a few days went by and his arm got worse so i took him to his doc , he sent us to scottish rites hospital in atlanta. matt was admitted after a few tests were run and we spent a week in the hospital .

jan 3 2006

today was my birthday and it was the worse day of my life . i was told by a team of doctors that matt had brainstem glioma ( cancer) , i dont really know what else they said that day . i just went blank ......

oct 10 2006

i thought jan 3 was the worse day of my life , i was wrong . it was oct 10 2006 , my beautiful son matt passed away of brainstem cancer at the age of 17 .

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