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This site is created in loving memory of my son Matthew Scott  Doucette. He was born in Wichita Ks. on Oct. 30 1988 and he passed on Oct. 10 2006 in Cartersville Ga. of brainstem glioma( cancer ) , at the age of 17. He is loved and missed every second of everyday.............Please light a candle for Matt so i know you visited.........Thank you ......

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i miss you   / Mom (mom)
hey my angel baby , I know its been awhile since I have wrote here , but we both know I think of and talk to you everyday .I miss you so much , tomorrow is another mothers day without you being here , I don't get to hear your laugh or see your smile ...  Continue >>
my son   / Mom
hey my baby , just thought i would stop by and let you know that i love and miss you more than i could ever say ........i feel you next to me all the time , just wish i could see you and hold you like i used to ....i found your father , hes in a trib...  Continue >>
hey my son   / Mom (mom)
hey my matt ,my son , how are you my love .. okay i know you are awesome , you are in heaven and at home with god and jesus , but i sure do wish you were here with me , i love and miss you finally starting to try to get my life back ...  Continue >>
miss you   / Mom
hey my baby     how has your easter been      we went to grandma brileys today    alot of family was there    uncle james and aunt dee came     he is worki...  Continue >>
missing u   / Memaw
Matt, there is not a day that goes by that papa and I do not think about you. We miss your laughter, your hugs and hearing u say "Shut up Matt"    I praise God that we had u for 17 almost 18, just shy of 20 days.  You b...  Continue >>
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****To my AngelBoy in Heaven****  / Patricia Frix (nana pat )    Read >>
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matt doucette  
Matt was a beautiful person , both inside and out . I was supposed to teach him about life as his mom , but he taught me much more than i ever could have taught him. He was loving , loyal , kind , generous and he always had a kind word for and about anyone . I dont know how i got so lucky to have such a wonderful kid .....I miss him so much and cant ever imagine how i will live the rest of my life without him. I hope to have the strength and courage that he possesed , especially during his fight with brainstem cancer. Matt you were , are and forever will be loved , my sweet angel..............
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my baby shower , matts almost here.....
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